Lock in your postal savings

Isn’t your day busy enough without the necessity of negotiating a new commingling rate for every mailing?

MailSmart Logistics uses its buying power from commingling 270 million pieces of mail a year to negotiate the lowest-possible commingling rates for our customers. Based upon your expected mail volume, we’ll lock in one postage rate good for all your commingled mail between now and the next USPS increase and seal our agreement with a handshake.

It’s as simple as that. So if something unexpected happens, such as the mailing not being completely ready at the planned time, don’t worry. We don’t charge extra for small jobs, additional pickups, or anything else for that matter. Our price covers it all. Oh, and we provide free tracking services for all of our clients with our customized MailTracker system!

You choose how much or how little of each mailing you want MailSmart Logistics to handle. We can pick up the entire mailing and drop ship it as required. Alternatively, if you have trusted trucking firms you want to continue to work with, we’ll manage just the commingled component of your mailings.

Knowing your commingling rate helps in other ways too. When you’re developing a bid for a new mailing, simply send us the file and our analysts will tell you the combination of commingling and drop shipping that provides you with the most economical postage costs. If you prefer to analyze the mailing yourself, you can finalize a competitive bid quickly because you already know what rate to plug in for the commingled portion of the mailing.

MailSmart Logistics provides worry-free shipping at remarkably-low postal rates –
You’re going to love working with MailSmart Logistics!