Let MSL Sort Your Mail

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your staff’s time and effort goes into sorting and bundling mail to maximize postal savings? How about the time they spend keeping up with ever-changing USPS bulk mail regulations?

Clearly, having good postal presort software makes the job easier. In fact, it’s hard to imagine being able to manually sort mail into the proper groupings without using software, since there are so many options (such as by carrier route, 5 digit zip code, 5 digit scheme, 3 digit zip code, 3 digit scheme, NDC, SCF, ADC, and ASF). But even with software, there’s a lot of work involved in sorting, traying, sleeving, strapping and creating the detailed paperwork USPS requires for each mailing.

If you are mailing a substantial amount of bulk mail, you should be able to substantially reduce your labor costs by using MailSmart Logistics’ commingling services. By combining your mail with mail from other sources, MailSmart Logistics can minimize your postal rates while handling all the mechanics of sorting, sleeving, strapping and delivering your mail to an SCF close to its final destination for you.

MailSmart Logistics provides worry-free shipping at remarkably-low postal rates –
You’re going to love working with MailSmart Logistics!