Getting Started with Commingling

People often assume it is a time-consuming process to start commingling mail with MailSmart Logistics or that they need to have really big mailings. Fortunately, neither could be further from the truth. You only need to do two or three things before we pick up your first mailing, none of which should take more than a few minutes:

  1. Determine your commingling rate for the year. All we need to know to determine your commingling rate is how many pieces you can commit to commingling per year. Since we don’t charge extra for pickups or anything else for letter-size mail under 1.5 ounces, we can tell you instantly what it will cost you for each piece of commingled mail you send between now and the next postage increase (and for larger or heavier mail, we can tell you if there are any surcharges).
  2. Confirm nonprofit status at our drop location. If you are a nonprofit or mail for them, we will need to make sure each nonprofit has nonprofit status at the mail drop location where we’ll take your commingled mail. If nonprofit status needs to be acquired, we’ll ask the nonprofit to fill out Form 3623 and then will coordinate approval through the USPS. We can usually get approval within one business day of submitting the paperwork.
  3. Information about this specific job. For each mailing, we’ll need to know the following:
        a.   The name of the client
        b.   The job name and job number
        c.   The number of pieces, broken down by mailing version if necessary
        d.   How you are affixing postage
      e.   When and where the mailing should be picked up, preferably with at least 24 hours advance notice
If you are metering or stamping the mail, we’ll confirm how much postage to affix and how much should be sent to us. If you are using an indicia, we need to receive the entire postage payment in advance. And if you would like to use an indicia but don’t have your own, you can use our commingling company’s indicia at no cost.If you use an outside mail house, you can send the entire payment for postage to us and we’ll pay the mail house directly or, if you prefer to pay the mail house separately, we will calculate the payment splits for you.


Our goal is to make commingling effortless for our clients. If you have any questions or concerns about our bulk mail services, let’s talk!

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