MailSmart Logistics is a team of direct mail loving, postal savvy, logistics experts; we advocate for our clients every day and we are ready to help you with all things related to sending your direct mail.

We began as a division within our parent company, The Production Management Group, Ltd., in 2002. Initially we served only the needs of nonprofit clients, but have grown to help businesses, printers, mailhouses and agencies utilize all the advantages of postal logistics. In 2012 we officially launched our own brand, complete with a new logo and website.

Our network of reliable shipping and mail sorting firms, along with our free MailTracker and Scheduler, makes using postal logistics easy for mailers in any industry.

We’re Part of The PMG Family, an independent, employee-owned company

We take pride in our employee ownership and it helps empower our team, strengthen our culture and position us for continued growth and innovation. Most importantly it keeps us client-focused. When our clients are happy and successful, our company grows and our employee-owners benefit from that prosperity!

We are proud to be a member of the PMG family because PMG understands the value every employee brings to building an amazing company.