It’s no secret that postal logistics can be an extremely valuable tool for mailing service providers. Because the USPS lowers its prices in proportion to the work you save them, companies using drop shipping, commingling, or a combination of the two methods reduce their budgets significantly while enjoying faster mail delivery.

Drop Shipping: If your mailing is large enough, you can achieve postage savings of between 12% and 20% by drop shipping your mail to Network Distribution Centers (NDCs) and Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs) across the country, as opposed to simply delivering the mail to your local Post Office.

While the potential savings for drop shipping look tempting, remember that there are other factors to consider with this method and additional charges that will be incurred. First, you must have a large enough volume of mail to qualify for the discount as each tray must contain at least 150 letters for each 3-digit or 5-digit zip code. You must also ensure that your mail is completely sorted, sleeved, tagged and strapped according to strict USPS regulations, which can add a substantial direct labor expense. Finally, you must hire an outside freight company to actually deliver your mail to the targeted NDCs and SCFs and you must have a sufficient volume of trays going to each location to cost-effectively cover the minimum freight charges for each delivery.

Commingling: By comparison, commingling is a much easier alternative that doesn’t involve extra work on your part or additional charges. For a standard flat rate, MailSmart Logistics will pick up your unsorted mailing and sort, sleeve, tag and strap it for you while filling out the appropriate paperwork on your behalf. We combine your mail with mail from other sources, allowing us to send large quantities to each NDC and SCF. Our commingled mail is delivered an average of 2.4 days earlier than standard bulk mail, and we even provide free mail tracking to you and your clients!

And, best of all, the typical MailSmart Logistics client saves an average of 12% on the mail they commingle after all costs are accounted for.

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