Offer Value Added Services – At No Cost

You already manage mailings for your clients, right?

In fact, you manage direct mail for many clients. It’s time to enhance your service offering (without doing any additional work) and simultaneously increase your bottom line.

Traditionally, agencies utilize the services of lettershops or mailhouses to actually oversee getting the mail into the USPS mailstream. Lettershops and mailhouses help you get postage discounts through standard mail and/or utilizing postal logistics for your clients, but there’s so much more to it than a discount.

MailSmart Logistics offers a complete suite of mailing services:

Commingling eliminates many steps for the USPS, above and beyond a traditional mailhouse, providing additional savings and quicker delivery.

Drop Shipping sorts and delivers mail to its final NDC and SCF which garners the most savings for you and your client.

Volume Discounts are generated by combining your mailing volume which you can in turn use to differentiate your agency.


Schedule a no-strings phone consultation and explore how you can add services without any additional work or expense!

Bottom line, using MailSmart Logistics has enabled us to differentiate ourselves from other agencies, with no additional cost. We can now offer a valuable service to each of our clients which results in a postal saving from $10K to $75K per year. This makes our clients happy in addition to other services we are able to provide them.

I admit, I was skeptical at first because I’d been so used to trusting only the US Postal Service with my client’s mail.  But I’ve worked with MailSmart many years and everything has gone extremely well.  It was the right decision.

From my perspective, besides making us more competitive and saving our clients money, pick-ups are timely, mail gets delivered faster, we get immediate feedback on drops which helps us to prepare our clients for responses and we’re never left waiting for an answer. The team at MailSmart is super responsive.

I couldn’t be happier with our MailSmart Logistics partnership.

Linda Webb – Stephen Winchell & Associates