The U.S. Postal Service serves a critically-important role in the American economy, responsible for the delivery of over 500 million letters and packages every day.

It is a crucial time in the organization’s history, with ongoing debates as to how to best meet the needs of the American people while dramatically cutting costs.  Should Saturday mail delivery be eliminated?  Should more local post offices be closed?  Should families be required to pick up their mail at centrally-located neighborhood cluster boxes?  Should the entire postal service be privatized?

One would think these momentous decisions would prompt an all-hands-on-deck response.  Instead, the last of the nine members of the USPS’s Board of Governors left office on December 8th.

The Board of Governors functions like a corporate Board of Directors with responsibility for setting postal policies, controlling costs, and selecting the Postmaster General and her deputy.  The nine members are appointed by the President to staggered seven-year terms.  However, the Senate has not approved any of President Obama’s recommended appointments since 2010, and now the terms of all nine Governors have expired.

Is this any way to run a $70 billion organization?


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