Are more clients asking you to submit a competitive bid for a job before they choose who to award it to? Requesting competitive bids is one technique companies use to stretch their tight direct mail dollars.

The challenge with competitive bidding is to price your job low enough to get the job while still maintaining an acceptable profit margin. To achieve this balancing act, it’s important to take full advantage of the savings available to you through postal logistics. Otherwise, you risk losing bids to competitors who do.

As you know, the USPS charges substantially less postage for mail that enters the postal stream close to its ultimate destination. Even if your mailing is relatively small, you can team up with a commingling company to deliver your mail to the Network Distribution Centers (NDCs) and Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs) that maximize your postal savings. Commingling also eliminates the labor costs associated with sorting, sleeving, traying and strapping your mail.

Best of all, MailSmart Logistics locks in one commingling price for all your mailings between now and the next postage increase, dramatically simplifying your bid development process.

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