Reduce Labor Costs with Commingling

As you spend your days dealing with challenges such as complex customer demands, tight deadlines and equipment breakdowns, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of keeping your labor costs down.

However, in today’s extremely price-sensitive market, outsourcing some of the work that is eating up your employee’s time can have a substantial impact on your profit margin. For example, partnering with a full-service commingling firm can not only substantially reduce your postage rates but also decrease your direct labor costs in several ways:

Reducing Your Menial Tasks

As you consider how to calculate labor costs for a particular mailing, ask yourself if you really want your valuable employees spending their time (and your money) sorting, sleeving, tagging, and strapping the entire mailing themselves? A commingling company will handle all of these mundane jobs as well as pick up the mailing directly from your location, thus freeing up your employees to focus on more profitable work.

Managing The Data File For You

Managing the data file for each mailing and making sure you’re complying with ever-changing USPS requirements can be complicated and time-consuming. The time savings in having your commingling company manage your data files and eliminating some of the USPS paperwork for you can be significant.

Eliminating Transportation Headaches

Managing transportation of mailings can take a substantial amount of a mailing center’s time. Whether you are taking the mail yourself to a USPS bulk mail entry point or hiring one or more trucking carriers to drop ship the mail to numerous locations, you may find that giving your commingling company responsibility for transportation saves you money.

Using Mail Tracking to Address Delivery Issues

When your biggest customer calls wondering whether there are deliverability problems with their latest mailing, it’s not very satisfying to be able to confirm only that the mail was dropped off at the post office. To save time and assure your customers that their mail is being delivered quickly, it would be much better to be able to present hard data about what percentage of the mailing has reached its final destination. Fortunately, MailSmart Logistics provides free mail tracking for every mailing as well as help addressing any deliverability issues.

Dealing with Problems That Arise

Once your mail has been picked up by your commingling company, your worries should be over. A full-service provider such as MailSmart Logistics is responsible for making sure everything is done correctly, including investigating any data file discrepancies or other problems that arise. When your mail goes out the door, your commingling company should be able to handle the mailing from that point forward.

As you think about how best to minimize labor costs, keep in mind that your mailing center might be best served by farming out some of the work instead of keeping it in-house. A commingling company can help reduce your labor costs and streamline your employee efficiency by handling labor-intensive tasks for you.

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