How Commingling Mail Increases Your Profit Margin

As mailing budgets tighten and postage rates go up, many advertisers and mail shops find themselves in a constant struggle to cut costs. Commingling can help.

The USPS reduces what it charges to deliver a piece of mail commensurate with the work you save them. There are substantial savings if you sort your mail into trays of at least 150 pieces going to the same 3-digit or 5-digit zip code and deliver the trays to a post office close to the mail’s ultimate destination. By combining your mail with that of other mailers, a commingling company can meet these minimum quantities and cost-effectively deliver it directly to a postal facility nearer its final destination, thus reducing your postage costs substantially.

You also gain because your mail will move quickly and predictably through the mail stream. It’s not uncommon for trays of bulk mail to be set aside for a few days when the postal service gets busy. Since your mail is spending less time in the hands of the USPS, commingling reduces the risk of this happening. In fact, our 2014 data shows that your mail will arrive 2.4 days faster if you commingle with MailSmart Logistics than if you drop it off at the nearest post office.

If your company manages your mailings internally, commingling can further improve your profits by reducing your direct labor costs:

  • Your commingling company can take over the management of your data file and, if needed, do everything from complying with CASS certification and National Change of Address (NCOA) requirements to calculating the lowest possible postage rate for each piece of mail.
  • You no longer need to sort the mail or worry about adhering to the USPS’s sleeving, tagging and strapping requirements. Your commingling partner will pick up your unsorted mail in trays and take everything from there.
  • Your work is over once the mailing leaves your dock. Your commingler will deal with any postal discrepancies that occur, oversee the shipment of the mail to its final destinations, and handle any problems that arise.

If you’d like to learn more about maximizing profit through commingling mail, we’d love to talk!

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