You’ve got the NCOA routine for your database down pat. And while it may have taken a bit of getting used to, performing the NCOA on a regular basis has increased your response and retention.

The next change from the USPS is to reduce the Move Update tolerance from 30% to 0.8% – leaving almost no room for undeliverables due to change of address. The USPS recommends that all mailers use a two-step data hygiene process to keep up with the people who move and change addresses without notifying you, and that can be a lot.

First, you’ll still need to perform an NCOA every quarter, but in order to ensure high address quality and deliverability, the use of Address Correction Service (ACS) is critical to meeting the new tolerance threshold.

The good news: ACS is a free service to all full-service IMb mailers.

The bad news: It’s complicated to get set up and administer with the USPS

The great news: Your team at MailSmart Logistics will be happy to set up your account and handle the processing of your mail so that you can not only get Address Correction Services free, but you’ll also receive free mail tracking services.

Now you can keep up with each and every record in your file and know when your direct mail package will arrive in mailboxes – no fees at all. Sweet!

It’s easy (and free) to get started, just call or email your MailSmart Logistics team and we will handle all the details and have you up and running in no time. Let the pros here do all the heavy lifting with the USPS, while you reap the benefits. Contact us today!