Latest News on Yellow in Flat Design.This is a question we’ve been getting a lot lately as clients are planning for 2015. The answer is a complicated one. The USPS generally seeks a price increase in January; however a recent announcement indicates that a rate increase request will not happen at that time.

But, the USPS is waiting until early 2015 to make a final decision on any price increase.

That’s because Postmaster General Donahoe is awaiting a ruling from the court of appeals as to whether or not the exigent rate increase is temporary. This ruling will impact whether the USPS makes a request and if so, for how much.

The ruling will not be made until later this year and any rate change implementation wouldn’t be possible until late March or early April.

MailSmart Logistics continues to monitor the situation and the likelihood of any rate changes and we will keep you informed as information becomes available regarding 2015 postage rates.