If you send a lot of bulk mail, you were undoubtedly celebrating with us last week when the U.S. Postal Service announced they were going to remove the 4.3% exigent rate increase that’s been in effect since January 2014. This is the first across-the-board decrease in U.S. postal rates since 1919!

By why stop there! This is a great time to consider whether your organization is paying higher USPS bulk mail rates than you need to.

The most important question to ask is if you’re taking full advantage of USPS’s work sharing discounts. Mail that you drop off at the nearest bulk mail entry unit is likely to go through six different postal facilities before it is delivered, being reprocessed and resorted at each one.

However, if you can deliver your mail directly to either a Sectional Center Facility (SCF) or Network Distribution Center (NDC) close to its ultimate destination, the USPS will share with you the money it saves:


If you have a very large volume of mail going to each SCF or NDC, drop shipping your mail to the various postal facilities may be your best bet to achieve postage savings. However, even for intermediate-size mailings, commingling is an excellent way to lower your costs.

MailSmart Logistics offers both services and will pick up your unsorted mail at your location, combine it with mail from other sources, and sort, sleeve, strap and tag the combined mail for delivery to the SCF or NDC close to its ultimate destination. Our clients save an average of 12% over the USPS bulk mail rates they would be paying if they dropped their mail at the nearest bulk mail entry unit. And there are two other major advantages of commingling with MailSmart Logistics – our commingled mail arrives 2.4 days faster on average than regular bulk mail, and we offer free mail tracking of every piece!

If you’d like to learn how commingling can save your organization both money and time, please read our eBook, Is Commingling Right For You?

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