2016 Postage Rates DecreasePostage Rates Rollback on April 10, 2016

We’re happy to share news from the USPS. They recently announced that rates will rollback to the Consumer Price Index-capped levels on Sunday, April 10th. This will remove the 4.3% exigent rate which was a surcharge added to compensate for the losses the USPS experienced during the recession.

We’re busy creating our 2016 Postal Rate chart and will share it when it’s done (we know so many post it on the bulletin board and in job folders) but thought you’d want this news as you’re looking at budgets and future mailing volume.

We’re always here to answer questions about rates or how you can best protect your postal budget. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. You can call us directly at 443.539.2640.