At MailSmart Logistics, we provide a free service, MailTracker, to assist our clients with knowing when their mail will arrive.

We do this by nightly collecting scanning data from the Post Office’s barcode program, which allows us to follow every single piece of mail as it heads from the mailshop to its destination.

We crunched the numbers on our scan volume and here’s what we came up with (hold on to your cup of coffee):

Over a 6-month period MailSmart Logistics processed 1,140,275,625 scans. If your math is a little rusty, that’s about 190,045,937 scans every month, 6,334,865 scans every day, 263,953 scans Every. Single. Hour.

Knowing when your mail will arrive in mailboxes is a critical element of your campaigns’ overall performance. It allows mailers to do things like:

  • Alert caging services
  • Staff up at call centers
  • Prepare inventory for fulfillment
  • Launch complimentary digital campaigns
  • and more!

We manage hundreds of millions of letters every year and we process literally two billion scans every year. This means that you’ll never have to wonder where your mail is or when it will be delivered. This will allow you to prepare all the other areas for response to your mailing.

We think that calls for another cup of coffee.

Interested in learning more about MailTracker? Let’s chat.