rate changesDespite the rate increases, we’d like to share some good news that happened in the recent August 29, 2021 rate changes from the USPS! Based on feedback that the USPS received, they’ve made a change that will benefit those who use oversized postcards to communicate with customers, donors and prospects.

The size of a true postcard (one that mails at the reduced, first-class postcard rates) is 4 ¼” x 6”. The USPS is now letting mailers use the postcard rate for a card up to 6” x 9”. In the past any postcard larger than 4 ¼” x 6” would mail at the higher letter rate.

The change in the size of a postcard means that direct marketers can:

  • Use First Class mail which will speed delivery time
  • Enjoy Return to Sender services
  • Enjoy Address Correction services
  • Use more space to communicate, promote and inform.

Commercial mailers (and nonprofits) will need to mail a minimum of 500 pieces and have their mail entered through a Business Mail Entry Unit or Detached Mail Unit.

So, if you’ve got a reminder, an alert, a sale or other bold and timely message that would work well on a larger sized postcard, now’s your chance to deliver it in first-class style at tiny rates! Your mailing will arrive much quicker, be more affordable and it will enjoy all the USPS perks reserved for first-class mail.

Here are just some ways you can use a 6” x 9” postcard:

  • Save the date alert
  • Political mailing
  • Sales notices
  • Service reminder
  • Organization update
  • Event invitation