Cutting your direct mail costs can be a quick way to increase your profits and ensure long-term success. We recommend three proven steps you can take to reduce your direct mail campaign costs and multiply your ROI in the process.

  • Work with a trusted designer to develop a cost-effective piece that complies with postal regulations. To qualify for the USPS’ lowest postal rates, each direct mail piece must comply with stringent weight and dimension requirements.
  • Choose a qualified printer and conduct preflight checklists and press checks. Problems are much less expensive to fix when they’re caught before printing begins.
  • Optimize your postal logistics strategy. Postage is not a fixed cost. One of the most impactful ways you can lower direct mail costs is by participating in the USPS’ work-share program to substantially reduce postage rates. Your postal logistics strategy can include drop shipping, commingling, or a mixture of both.
    • Drop Shipping: If your mailing is large enough, you can save between 12% and 20% by hiring a logistics company to deliver your mail to the appropriate Network Distribution Center (NDCs) or Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs) nearest each piece’s final destination. To qualify for drop shipping savings, your mailing must be sorted, sleeved, tagged and strapped according to strict USPS regulations and you must have at least 150 mail pieces going to the same 3-digit or 5-digit zip code.
    • Commingling: This option makes sense for most marketers due to its savings and Commingling companies pick up your unsorted mail, combine it with mail from other sources, and handle the sorting, sleeving, tagging, strapping, paperwork, and shipping for you. Our clients typically save about 12% in postage costs on their commingled mail, while enjoying reduced labor costs and overall peace of mind. We also provide free mail tracking for each piece of commingled mail!

 Using these strategies should drive an increase in profits, providing incremental cash you can invest in your company or cause.

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