Secrets of DirectMailTracking

We’ve all had the experience of spending countless hours perfecting a direct mail piece and then having to wait for weeks to get a preliminary read on how effective the mailing is going to be.  Now, through the magic of technology, there is a better way.

Most direct mail sent today includes an Intelligent Mail Barcode on its envelope.  As the mail piece moves from one postal facility to the next, the 65-digit code identifying the sender’s campaign and its recipient is scanned every time the envelope is processed.

If you have access to tracking software, you can pinpoint where in the mailstream almost every piece of mail is.  By comparing the level of online and call center sales or donations this mailing is generating with similar mailings at a comparable level of mail delivery, you can quickly develop extremely accurate forecasts of the mailing’s projected return.

Even better, MailSmart Logistics clients are now also able to track the number and progress of return envelopes making their way back to you through the mail!

And perhaps most surprising of all is that MailSmart Logistics offers both direct mail tracking and return mail tracking on every mailing at no charge to our clients.  If you’d like to get started effortlessly tracking your direct mail, please call Debbie Sylvester at (302) 545-1629 or let us know a good time to call you.


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