Return mail tracking has become an essential tool for managing direct mail campaigns.

Here’s why you should be doing it too:

  1. Slower mail delivery and mail processing delays can create uncertainty around your campaign performance. Return mail tracking provides reliable data on where your donor and customer responses are in the mail stream.
  2. Monitor and measure your campaign results more accurately with reliable, continuously updated mail tracking reports with 90-95% accuracy. Compare these results to your mail processing reports and other results reports to get a deeper view into your mailing performance.
  3. Keep your clients or leadership informed with near-real-time reporting. This is especially helpful if response rates aren’t meeting your expectations. Return mail tracking can help you pinpoint any problems such as slower mail delivery in certain geographic areas.
  4. Prepare and Plan: Alert your caging/mail processing facilities, inbound call center, and fulfillment partners regarding return mail activity, especially if mail volumes are higher than expected.
  5. Optimize timing of digital and multi-channel campaigns, based upon return mail data. Launch subsequent campaigns with confidence, knowing that your current campaigns are in-home, and responses are on their way back to you. Ideal for nonprofits and businesses that mail frequently on tight schedules.
  6. Save on postage: By using Business Reply Mail (postage paid) or Courtesy Reply Mail (donor/customer uses their own postage stamp), mailers can earn postage credits or get discounts from the USPS.
  7. Return mail tracking is FREE for MailSmart Logistics clients who use our commingling services.

How does Return Mail Tracking work?

It’s easy! At MailSmart Logistics, our Return MailTrackerTM tool uses your IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) to place codes on your return envelopes. These envelopes are scanned and tracked at multiple stages: the origin mail facility (near where your donor or customer mails their gift or order) and again at your mail processing company’s destination SCF (Sectional Center Facility.) Our easy-to-read and understand reports, available anytime online, show you the number of scans each day at both stages.

Ready to get started with return mail tracking? Contact your MailSmart Logistics team today!