Do you use commingle services for your first class or marketing mail? If you’re like most smart mailers, you do, but if you aren’t we wanted to share three reasons why commingling is better than entry point.  Even if you already are commingling, it’s always good to revisit the strategy so you can be sure you’re mailing the best way for your organization.

There are three main advantages to commingling your mail, let’s explore.

Reason #1- Postage Savings with Commingling

Postage is typically the most expensive line item in your direct mail budget. With frequent USPS postage rate increases, twice per year now, commingling offers a significantly lower postage rate than entry point.

How is this possible? Commingling transports mail closer to its final destination than entry point which allows your mail to entirely skip numerous postal facilities. With less work for the USPS you enjoy a deeper discount. Commingling is simply the easiest way to reduce the cost of your direct mail program.

Reason #2 – Consistent and Predictable Delivery, Better than Entry Point

Because commingling bypasses numerous USPS steps and locations, there are notably fewer places where your mail can meet with delays. Did you know that 94-95% of commingled mail is shipped directly to the Destination SCF? This means that almost 100% of your mail is trucked to the USPS facility where the next step is local delivery to your recipients’ mail box. Commingling’s consistent and predictable delivery helps you achieve accurate home window dates, which keeps your campaigns on schedule. And, you are able to monitor every piece of your commingled mail through final delivery.

Reason #3 – Qualify for Even Greater Postage Discounts and Perks through USPS Promotions

Save even more on postage by taking advantage of USPS promotions and incentives, which offer additional postage discounts and added benefits to participating mailers. Popular promotions include Informed Delivery campaigns to help you engage your recipients via online channels that enhance your response and the Earned Value Promotion which allows you to receive $0.02 for each piece of business or courtesy reply mail you receive. You can then apply those credits to future mailings. Your MailSmart Logistics team can handle all the registration details for you.

Commingling helps nonprofit and commercial mailers get the best postage rate possible, take advantage of all the promotions offered by the USPS and gain more control over home window dates. It’s not only easy to set up commingling for your mailings but even easier to manage on an ongoing basis. All you need to do is schedule a pick-up and we will handle the rest. To get started, please contact us today.