One of the features our customers find most useful is the free mail tracking MailSmart Logistics provides on all commingled mail. With a lot of the East Coast having just endured a record-breaking snowstorm, it might be helpful to review how mail tracking works in a storm.

Most importantly, no matter how severe a storm is raging, you can access your data online 24/7. Our system uses redundant servers located in different regions of the country to ensure that no matter what is happening in one location, your data will be available to you.

One thing you need to be aware of is that mail tracking might overestimate delivery in an area experiencing severe storm conditions. Because mail goes through its final scan at the time it is distributed to the carrier, a mail piece is marked as “delivered” when the postman or postwoman responsible for delivering it to its final destination receives it. Therefore, if a hurricane or snowstorm keeps the postal carrier from being able to deliver their mail, your mail piece may take a few days longer to arrive than mail tracking indicates. While this is relatively rare, it is something you should keep in mind if you are researching mail delivery in an area of the country that has been experiencing severe storms.

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