The availability of real-time big data has led to some amazingly-useful products. Personally, my favorite is the map on my smart phone that shows how far up the highway the traffic jam I’m sitting in extends. By tracking how fast the cars ahead of me are moving in real time, the app on my phone helps me decide whether I’ll get home faster if I take the next exit or wait until traffic opens up around the bend.

In our ongoing effort to provide our clients with cutting-edge tools, you can now use the power of real-time data to track customer response to your mailing. While MailSmart Logistics has been providing hard data for years on how quickly mailings are delivered to customer’s homes, our smart mail tracking can now even tell you how quickly the recipients are mailing back their donation checks or magazine subscriptions!

You or your customer can use this priceless data to accurately predict the return on a mailing earlier than ever before, allowing you to do the following:

  • Use early returns to compare the relative effectiveness of different campaigns so you can choose which campaign to roll-out much earlier than was possible before
  • Manage the timing of your multi-channel marketing campaign so each element hits at just the right moment
  • Accurately project what level of staffing will be needed at your call center to meet demand
  • Double-check the efficiency of your caging operation

By being first to offer the power of return mail tracking to your customers, you can cement your relationships with current customers and potentially recruit new customers who appreciate the value of this new technology.

Want to know what’s best of all? Because our goal is to wow our customers with unbeatable customer service, MailSmart Logistics is offering return mail tracking to all our clients for free!

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