Proof of Mailing

Does your company spend a lot of money on USPS Certificates of Mailing or Certified Mail to protect yourself just in case you need to prove you mailed a specific piece of mail?

If you have to be able to prove that the recipient actually received your mail piece, you may have no alternative. However, depending upon your industry and the state you’re mailing to, you may be paying for a higher level of proof than you really need.

For example, if your company has decided not to renew an insurance policy for one of your clients, you are probably required to notify the insured by mail at least 45 days before the policy’s expiration date. In many states, however, you don’t actually have to prove that the notice was delivered to the insured; proof that the notice was mailed is sufficient to document your compliance with the law.

If you just need to prove that a specific piece of mail was sent through bulk mail, MailSmart Logistics can help. We track every piece of mail we send from the time it enters the mail stream until it is processed at the local post office closest to its destination. And the best thing about our mail tracking service is that it’s totally free!

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