Predictable Mail Delivery

We regularly get asked “how long does standard mail take to be delivered”? The rather-surprising answer is that standard direct mail can be delivered anywhere from 2 days to several weeks after being dropped off at the Post Office. Having such a wide delivery window may be fine for mailings that aren’t time sensitive, but can be a major problem for others.

Because MailSmart Logistics has been commingling mail since 2002, we’ve got the delivery part down to a science. We know that mail we deliver to our partner’s commingling plant will be sorted and sent out the door in a consistent and timely way. That mail will then travel by truck to the region where the mail is to be delivered. And we can track that mail each step of the way! As a result, our 2014 data shows that your mail will arrive 2.4 days faster if you commingle with MailSmart Logistics than if you drop it off at the nearest USPS mail entry location.

Being able to more accurately predict arrival dates can be very advantageous:

  • Time-Sensitive Mailings: Commingling helps ensure that mailings are received by its recipients in advance of key dates, such as a store opening celebration or the advent of voting on Election Day.
  • Call Center Staffing: Knowing when your mailing will be delivered can help your call center make sure it has the right number of agents in place to efficiently handle the call volume, avoiding expensive overstaffing before or after the bulk of the mail has been delivered.
  • Response Rate Prediction: Knowing that the majority of your mail will be delivered within a small window enables you to make a more accurate prediction of a mailing’s ultimate response rate, allowing you to quickly select which leg of a test mailing to expand and to more accurately predict cash flow.
  • Coordination of Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts: Many companies increase the impact of their direct mail by delivering emails, text messages or follow-up calls right before or after the mail is scheduled to arrive. Having accurate delivery information obviously increases the effectiveness of these programs.

To help our clients pinpoint precisely when their mailing will arrive, by zip code if necessary, MailSmart Logistics offers free direct mail tracking on every mailing.

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