News about Informed Visibility, the New Mail Tracking and Reporting System at the USPS

The Postal Service is currently launching a new mail tracking and reporting system called Informed Visibility. Here’s what you should know:

  • The new platform consolidates the IMb Tracing, PostalOne! and MID tracking services into one single system. It also supports secure data transfer methods.
  • MailSmart Logistics’ postal experts are working closely with the USPS to manage the behind-the-scenes transition to Informed Visibility which will provide real-time, enhanced visibility of mailpieces, including both letters and flats. “IV” will also track bundles and handling units (trays, tubs and sacks), and containers.
  • The migration to Informed Visibility is happening now, and on November 30th the Postal Service officially switches over from the IMb Tracing system to the new platform.
  • This change should be completely transparent to MailSmart Logistics clients and will not impact how they use our free MailTracker tool.

We’ll keep you updated on the process and any new enhancements to the service that may be of interest to you.

If you have any questions about Informed Visibility, the MailSmart Logistics MailTracker tool or how postal logistics can save you money, contact us at any time!