Increase Mail House's Profits

Recent years have been a tough time of consolidation in the mail house industry. As the volume of direct mail declined, margins were squeezed and profits plummeted.

As a provider of commingling services to mail houses since 2002, we’ve developed great respect for the companies who have persevered during this difficult time. Along the way, we’ve noticed that the most profitable mail houses tend to utilize a few key strategies for success:

  • Choosing a competitive niche where they can thrive
  • Minimizing mailing costs by taking full advantage of postal logistics
  • Decreasing direct labor costs
  • Delivering extraordinary service to customers
  • Expanding into new value-added services

We’ve developed a 17-page eBook called “Maximizing Your Mail House’s Profits” that discusses these findings in detail. If you would like to learn more about implementing these winning strategies in your mail house, please download a free copy of the eBook at


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