With the scheduled closings of more postal facilities, now more than ever organizations must find creative ways to have their mailings delivered more quickly.  Studies completed by MailSmart Logistics indicate that it takes nearly 20% longer for mail to reach its end point now than it did in 2009.  The solution is the utilization of postal logistics, which the United States Postal Service calls workshare.  The more you can do to get the mail closer to its destination, the less work and time it takes the postal service to deliver the mail.

Postal logistics involves commingling and drop shipping of mail based on destination.

Commingling combines mail from a number of mailers into one mailing prior to it being delivered to the postal service.  Because all of the mail is packaged to be delivered to the same area most of the work the postal service normally carries out has been completed and volume discounts are applied.

Drop Shipping is the process of delivering mail pieces to a postal location closer to their end destination.   Through this process the mail skips three steps within the postal system (Local Post Office, Origin SCF and Origin NDC), significantly reducing the processing time.

Postal Logistics produces faster delivery with more predictable delivery times, a reduction in postal budgets, allows smaller mailers to realize more affordable mailing solutions by combining with larger mailings and provides more control over when your mailing is delivered.  Curious to see how much you can save on a future mailing?  Let us provide a no-strings Complimentary Postal Analysis.