It’s time to launch Informed Delivery campaigns with your direct mail, and here’s why:

Recipients receive email notifications of incoming direct mail through USPS Informed Delivery.
  1. The new USPS Informed Delivery Promotion offers a substantial postage discount – a great opportunity to save money, especially with postage increases going into effect on July 10th.
  2. The promotion registration period started June 15th for mailings launching August 1 – December 31, 2022. Boost your fall fundraising or marketing efforts with integrated multi-channel campaigns and reduce postage costs!
  3. MailSmart Logistics makes it SUPER EASY for its clients to implement Informed Delivery campaigns. We’ll set up everything for you. Simply provide your digital image(s) and target URL – we’ll take care of the rest.
  4. We have direct access to USPS Informed Delivery data, and will provide you with post-campaign reporting including email open and click-through rates, giving you deeper insights into your campaigns.
  5. Refresher: an Informed Delivery interactive campaign delivers a digital impression of your direct mail package and an easy way to respond online to Informed Delivery subscribers on your donor and prospect lists.
  6. Did you know 49 million people nationwide subscribe to Informed Delivery? Many of your donors and prospective donors are already seeing grayscale scans of your direct mail in their daily Informed Delivery emails and dashboards. Make your mailings stand out with colorful, eye-catching digital campaigns!
  7. We’ve been implementing Informed Delivery campaigns for our clients since the USPS launched the program several years ago. The process is so easy that we encourage our clients to use Informed Delivery on all or most mailings.

Contact us today to learn more about Informed Delivery and the many other benefits of a MailSmart Logistics partnership!