Rridge 2012It doesn’t matter what area of fundraising your responsibility lies, fundraising means making sure many elements of a project happen at the right time and in the right manner.

Whether it’s your online fundraising campaign working to support your direct mail campaign delivery time, your data being lean and mean to elicit a solid response while eliminating printing and postage expense or making sure the arrival of your package is in sync with global events and messaging – it can all cause a person to lose sleep. So at the Bridge Conference 2012, we thought we’d conduct a fun survey to see how everyone is sleeping when they are thinking about all the areas of their fundraising.

On average, approximately one-third of all respondents are Sleeping Like a Baby in all areas of their fundraising efforts.  However, that means that the majority are suffering from mild to severe sleep deprivation.

Here are the full results:

I am having nightmares

Tossing and turning a bit

Sleeping like a baby

Our online campaigns are integrated with our Year End mailing schedule.




Our data is clean and completely up to date.




We’re getting the best prices for all our printing.




We’re in control of mail delivery times for our mailings.





We are on a mission to remove the dark circles from under fundraisers’ eyes.  Sleep is important and we’re offering up our team of experienced direct mail production, online fundraising, data processing and postal logistics pros to help you get your rest.  Our entire PMG family will sit down with you and your team, assess where you are, where you want to be and outline the steps you need to take to get there.  No strings, no obligation.  Just straight forward advice you can use to catch more zzz’s at night.  If any of our family can help, great.  If not, we’ll rest better knowing you’ve got your action plan to better sleep (and better fundraising).

Put those sleeping pills away and give us a call, 443.539.2640 or drop us a line.