One of the most exciting facets of our rapidly-expanding digital world is the wealth of data available about customer activity on company websites.  Because we can now track every page a customer visits, we can figure out exactly what products are of interest to them and which stories are tugging at their heartstrings.

Until now, the primary way marketers have been able to use this information is by placing remarketing ads on websites that a customer visits in the future.  However, the click through rate of banner ads is notoriously low.

Wouldn’t it be exciting if we could link this digital data with direct mail’s inherently higher response rate?  Today, we can.

PebblePost uses consumers’ online activity to send customers a personalized mail piece within 24 hours.  The platform considers browser keyword searches, cart abandonment and other online activity to choose the best piece of mail to send, and they claim that 8% of all mail they send results in a purchase.

PebblePost is probably the first of several companies to enter this exciting field.  However, there’s no reason a company with a good marketing team and solid analytics can’t use these principles to create their own reactive mail campaigns.  If you do so, please let us know how well this works for your organization!


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