Mail delivery through the U.S. Postal Service is remarkably complex – in fact, most pieces of standard mail are sorted and reprocessed through six different Network Distribution Centers (NDCs), Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs) and local post offices before they finally arrive at their destination. Each of these stops add to transit time and the USPS’s labor and transportation costs.


As a result, the USPS significantly reduces postage rates if you use postal logistics to deliver your mail to a facility close to its destination. Both drop shipping and commingling can help decrease the cost and increase the productivity of your mailings, but here’s what you need to know:

When comparing the cost between postal logistics methods, don’t depend solely on the postal rate. Other factors, such as freight charges and labor costs, must be considered to determine the total cost per piece.

Drop shipping eliminates at least three steps in the mail stream by delivering your sorted pieces directly to their Destination NDCs and SCFs. If the mailing is large enough to meet USPS requirements, your postage will be discounted anywhere from 12% to 20%. These savings are certainly enticing, but you are responsible for sorting, sleeving, tagging and strapping the entire mailing per strict USPS regulations. You must also hire a freight company to transport it and complete the appropriate paperwork.

For an easier alternative that is often more cost-effective, choose a commingling company like MailSmart Logistics. We pick up your unsorted mailing, combine it with mail from other sources, and then sort, sleeve, tag, strap and deliver it to the NDCs and SCFs close to the letter’s final destination. We take care of every detail and our clients save an average of 12% on their entire mailing cost due to large volume discounts, pre-sorting, and reduced labor fees.

Take advantage of fast and predictable arrival dates. While Standard Class mail can take up to several weeks to arrive, mail commingled by MailSmart Logistics arrives at its target promptly. You can count on at least 90% of your mail being shipped directly to the destination SCF, bypassing every other intermediate postal facility en route to the final local post office. Our commingling clients can expect their mail to be delivered an average of 2.4 days faster than if it was dropped off at a bulk mail entry unit.

MailSmart Logistics also includes free mail tracking on every order, so you know when your mail arrives at its destination. Knowing the precise timing of your deliveries enables you to accurately estimate response rates, coordinate multi-channel marketing efforts, and adequately staff your call center.

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