postal logisticsRun a direct mail program and have plans to attend this year’s Bridge Conference? Make sure you have a coffee ready for this bright and early training on Friday morning.  You won’t want to miss a word of this session!

Elise Buck and Debbie Sylvester are “Rockin It Old School” at this year’s Bridge Conference with their presentation titled “How to Best Use Postal Logistics in Your Direct Mail Program.”

The educational session will be jam-packed with useful information to give your postal logistics strategy a boost. (And let’s face it, there’s never been a better time to introduce a cost-saving strategy into your mail program.) Whether you know a little or a lot about postal logistics, this 65-minute course will show you how to get faster, more predictable mailings and save on postage costs. We’d say that’s worth waking up early for!

We hope you’ll join us for this informative training session on Friday, July 29 from 8:15am-9:20am.