Attention Nonprofit Mailers:

A new rule proposed by the Postal Service poses a huge threat to nonprofit postal budgets.

The proposal eliminates all merchandise and goods from USPS Marketing Mail, which moving forward would be limited to paper-based, printed matter only.

The biggest impact would be on upfront premium mailings containing non-paper items like tote bags, pens, hats, etc. Plastic membership cards, coins, and other non-paper techniques would also be barred from nonprofit rates. These mailings would need to shift to a more expensive product like Priority Mail or Parcel Select to be mailed.

You can review the full description of the proposed rule here: USPS Marketing Mail Content Standards

Please take action by submitting letters in opposition within the 60 day comment period, which has now officially started, and ends on October 22, 2018. Instructions for mailing and e-mailing written comments are included in the proposed rule document in the above link.

These advocacy actions are proven to have a big impact on USPS decisions and plans! So please take action now.

Stay in touch with MailSmart Logistics and the Alliance for Nonprofit Mailers for updates in the days ahead, as this is a developing situation. Next week we will share a sample letter that you can customize for your organization and submit during the official comment period.

If you’re going to the 2018 Chicago Nonprofit Conference, be sure to attend “’Where’s the Mail?’ Mission Critical Production Advice” on Tuesday, August 28 at 11:45am.  Our very own Debbie Sylvester along with Shannon Murphy of CCAH, Kim Postulart of Alzheimer’s Association and Lauren Merrill of Catholic Relief Services will be addressing this proposed rule and what you and your organization can do to stop it from being implemented.

MailSmart Logistics will continue to provide updates on this critical issue, but if you have any specific questions, please contact us at any time.