Debbie Sylvester_cropFor nineteen years, Debbie Sylvester has been helping businesses and nonprofits navigate the complexities of direct mail and we’re proud to welcome her to MailSmart Logistics as our new vice president of sales. Debbie will be heading up our new Philadelphia office, expanding our east coast presence for MailSmart Logistics and the entire PMG family which includes MMI Direct, The Engage Group and PMG. Prior to joining our team she worked for Pitney Bowes Presort Services and Prosort Services.

Debbie loves to travel with her husband and has been to many international locations such as Amalfi, Istanbul, Barcelona, Lisbon, London and Paris – just to name a few. When she’s not jet-setting for vacation or work, you can find her visiting antique shops on the hunt for that unique piece to add to her collection.

She loves great food, French cuisine is her favorite, and considers herself a bit of a foodie, with a twist. Since the new office is in the heart of Philly, only a few blocks from Debbie’s home her husband asked her, ‘Now that you won’t be traveling quite as much, will I be getting some home cooked meals?’ She responded, ‘Why, are you taking cooking classes?’

We love your spunk Debbie and are very happy to have you on board! It’s been great working with you, as a partner all these years and we’re so pleased to now be able to call you an official member of OUR family. Your commitment to personalized service and in-depth knowledge of our industry makes you a true asset to MailSmart Logistics, the entire PMG family and to each of our clients. Welcome!

You can reach her at:
Direct: 443-539-2645