Save More with One-Pass

If you already use commingling for some or all of your direct mail, you’re well aware that commingling saves you money and speeds up mail delivery.  In keeping with our mission to utilize cutting-edge technologies to provide the very best service to our customers, MailSmart Logistics is thrilled to announce our new One-Pass service!

Traditional commingling relies on a two-step process whereby incoming mail is actually sorted twice.  By using our new SmartSort application, your mail shop can eliminate the need for the first of these sorts for mailings of at least 50,000 pieces.

Because we pass the savings on to you, you can expect to reduce your commingling rate by about 4% by using One-Pass.  While there may be some modest additional charges from your mail shop for processing the mailing in sort scheme order and placing the mailing in appropriately-labeled bins, most of this savings will go to your bottom line.

And, of course, you’ll continue to receive all of the other benefits of using MailSmart Logistics’ commingling service – free mail tracking, a single, locked-in rate, and faster, more predictable mail delivery.

If you want to maximize your savings by using the latest in cutting-edge mailing technologies, please call Debbie Sylvester at (302) 545-1629 or tell us a good time to contact you.


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