We hope you have weathered the hurricane safely and that your recovery process is quick.  We are here to assist you in managing your direct mail projects in any way possible, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   Here’s a quick status report of the USPS facility closures and delivery implications.

Many Post Offices in New Jersey including the NDC and SCFs have been closed.  The same can be said for the New York City area, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  There are spot closures elsewhere up and down the East Coast, as well.

However, the Post Office is advising that they will deliver the mail, even if it is routed through alternate postal facilities.  Thus it is hard to declare any specific set of zip codes as “undeliverable.”  For up to the minute reports from the USPS, you can follow this link.

For Drop Shipping, the consolidators we use will hold mail at their facility until any closed destination is reopened or they are directed by the USPS to deliver at another location.

For our clients’ Commingled Mail, the schedule has been modified:

  • Mail picked up on Friday (10/26), which normally drops on Tuesday (10/30), is now dropping on Wednesday (10/31) and Thursday (11/1).
  • Mail scheduled for pickup yesterday (10/29), is now being picked up on Wednesday (10/31) and will drop on Saturday (11/3) with the mail that was already scheduled to be picked up on that day.

Some mail shops were closed both Monday and Tuesday because of the storm; we are working closely with each of them to get everything out as quickly as possible.

Please let us know if you need further or more detailed information.  It is best to assume that delivery in the greater New York area will not be up to speed for at least the next several days and keep in mind that even if the USPS is delivering the mail, an unfortunate number of your recipients may still be without power or have flooding or other home damage.