Hurricane Dorian is on the move northward and is anticipated to hug the East Coast. Dorian will produce rain, storm surge and high winds which will cause flooding, destruction, road closures and power outages to coastal areas from Florida to North Carolina.

What We Know Now

Trucking and rail companies are suspending service to impacted areas in order to protect mail. In addition, mandatory evacuations will close many postal offices which will delay delivery.

What To Do

    1. Check this page often as we will update any logistics transportation changes as they become available.
    2. You can monitor the USPS Service Alerts as they post them.
    3. Contact your MailSmart Logistics representative to discuss your individual mailings so that we can develop a unique strategy to get your campaigns to recipients in a timely manner while ensuring mailpiece safety. You can call us directly at: 443.539.2640

We’re wishing all those impacted safety and a speedy recovery.