Reducing Bulk Mail Prices

It’s a recurring theme during most budget discussions – is there any way we can reduce our bulk mail prices so we can reach more consumers without spending more money?

If you’re not already taking advantage of it, commingling can be a Marketing Director’s dream come true.  By processing direct mail from numerous sources together, commingling companies are able to cost-effectively deliver your mail directly to a postal facility close to its ultimate destination.

Because commingling eliminates the need for the U.S. Postal Service to ship your mail pieces between multiple postal processing facilities, resorting them each time, the USPS cuts the price it charges you accordingly.  MailSmart Logistics’ clients save an average of 12% on each mailing by using commingling, and find that their mail is delivered 2.4 days faster on average than if they had taken it to the nearest bulk mail processing facility!

Once you’ve decided that commingling makes sense for your company, it is important to choose the postal logistics company that best fits your needs.  Some companies advertise a highly competitive postal rate but charge extra for pick-ups and mail tracking.

Our philosophy is different.  Because we value long-term partnerships with our clients, we have eliminated any extra fees for letter-size mail and lock in a low cost per piece for all mail you commingle between now and the next USPS postage increase.  And we also throw in free mail tracking on every piece you commingle!

If you’d like to learn more about how commingling can reduce your bulk mail prices, please download our free eBook, Is Commingling Right for You?


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