2014 Postage RatePostage rate increases in late January will now total a whopping 6%

On December 24, the Postal Regulatory Commission announced that it is granting the Postal Service its first-ever “exigent” rate hike, allowing postage rates to rise another 4.3% on top of the inflation adjustment of 1.7% already approved.

This overall 6% increase will go into effect on January 26th and will impact all classes of mail.  The 4.3% exigent portion, authorized as a way for the USPS to recoup the billions it says it lost during the recent severe recession, is supposed to last no more than two years, while the CPI increase of 1.7% is permanent.

Although consumer and trade groups are already lobbying Congress to roll back these dramatic hikes, it is best to begin planning now for how these higher postage rates are going to affect your mailing program.

 What are some of the ways you can lessen the impact of this postage rate hike?

MailSmart Logistics may be able to help you offset these higher rates in a number of ways.  Using our proprietary rate analysis software, and working closely with our partners, Pitney Bowes Presort Services and MMI Direct, we have been able to save our clients significant sums despite the rate hikes that have occurred year after year.

If you would like to hear our recommendations, please call us now at 443-539-2640 or drop us a line. Don’t let this rate hike take over your budget. The MailSmart Logistics team can help you find ways to soften the blow and keep your mailing program as cost-effective as possible, despite the significant 2014 postage rate increases.