Our recent study concluded that the time it takes to get a direct mail campaign to the mailbox via entry point has steadily risen.  In fact, entry point mailing took nearly 20% longer to reach the mailbox in 2011 than in 2009.

Now with the closure of more than 220 postal facilities throughout the United States, using postal logistics is even smarter as we anticipate further increases in delivery time.

  1. Reduction in postal budgets and expenses; our clients are seeing a savings of approximately 12%.
  2. Smaller mailers realize savings they have not previously been afforded as their mailings are combined with larger mailings to leverage the best pricing.
  3. The ability to plan mailings with more control which ensures your mail arrives when you need it to.
  4. Faster delivery with consistent and predictable delivery times because your mail enters the mail stream closer to its final destination.