Take Control of Your Postaldmfa production seminar Budget: 5 Key Takeaways from the DMFA Production Seminar

“You have more control over your postal budget than you think.”

That was the bold statement made by Debbie Sylvester of MailSmart Logistics at the recent DMFA Production Seminar in NYC on October 24.

During this half-day seminar covering all aspects of direct mail production, Debbie outlined the benefits of postal logistics, and the huge impact it can have on marketing budgets, program strategy, and net revenue.

Takeaway #1: Postal logistics saves you money.

Postage is often the biggest budget item for nonprofit fundraising programs. Your postal logistics partner will get your mail delivered for a significantly lower cost.

Takeaway #2: Postal logistics expedites delivery.

On average, postal logistics can reduce delivery time by 25%. Entry point delivery typically takes 15.5 days. By comparison, drop shipping through your postal logistics service takes 12.2 days, and commingling takes 10.9 days. Plus, your delivery times are more predictable.

Takeaway #3: You can track your mail, both outbound and inbound.

Track the progress of your campaigns to coordinate your multi-channel efforts, and be alerted to any potential delivery issues.

Takeaway #4: Optimize every mailing.

Your postal logistics partner can optimize your overall program, and each individual campaign to meet specific goals and budget needs. They will evaluate all methods including entry point, drop ship, commingle and hybrid options to find the best solution for each mailing.

Takeaway #5: Track your savings.

Your postal logistics partner can provide an estimated savings report for each campaign or series of campaigns. This gives you more control over your budget, program planning, and net revenue expectations.

Bonus Tip: 

Adding postal logistics to your mailing strategy is easy for you. Your postal logistics partner will handle all the details!

MailSmart Logistics manages the mail for over 175 organizations, and we look forward to working with you. Start taking control of your postal budget and mail delivery on your next campaign.

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